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  1. I am curious what you charge to be a sponsor of the Buttercup Run? I represent VFuel Endurance Gel which we are now promoting and selling in Montana and am looking for some races to partner up with.

    Also, do you have a shirt supplier for the event? Could I give you a bid on shirts with logo and sponsors on back?

    Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon and possibly work with you.

    1. Hello,

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I start updating the webpage a couple of months before the run and missed your email.
      I would love to talk to you about sponsoring the Buttercup Run. Are you interested in a financial or product donation? This year’s run is on April 2. Unfortunately I will be out of town from March 2 through March 17 so if I don’t hear back soon it will have to wait until after I return.
      We do have a t-shirt supplier for the event and we decided at the very start not to put sponsor information on the t-shirts. We do have banners hanging, put the sponsor on our website and give a shout out at the awards.
      Thank you for your interest in the Buttercup Run, I look forward to talking with you.

      Cherie Garcelon

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