Friends of Arlee Schools

Friends of Arlee School, Inc., is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1992 to provide supplemental support for projects in the Arlee Public Schools.  FAS is comprised of individuals from the Jocko Valley community representing family agriculture, education, small business, medicine, fine arts and Native American culture.

The mission of Friends of Arlee School is to support excellence in the education of Arlee’s children by providing funds for innovative programs and projects in the schools that could not otherwise be funded.

Ted Hess Scholarship Fund – gives students graduating from Arlee High School scholarships for their first year of higher education.

Mini Grants – these grants are awarded to teachers on a competitive basis for teaching materials and supplies not covered by the budget of the school.

To date Friends of Arlee School has given over $140,000 in scholarships and mini-grants to the Arlee schools.

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