Race Day Details

Ready! Set! RACE DAY!

APRIL 15, 2017




No lower or upper age limit as long as you sign the release!
We do ask those pushing strollers or walking with children to place themselves
behind the 5K and 10K runners at the start.
The age groups (male and female) are: 0-12; 13-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69;70-79
and Bob Hayes.



Those who pre-register come to the race with beautiful smiles and a positive outlook!
If they’ve come to the cafeteria the day before, they have their t-shirts and numbers and can sleep in while everyone else is in line.
Or they can pick up their numbers and shirts in front of the high school after 9:30 a.m. and pose for pictures with other smiling happy people before the event.
Plus they have the added advantage of not having to see our stressed out registration people cry because of everyone that didn’t pre-register.

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Those not pre-registered arrive in confusion and dismay. They must stand in lines to complete a registration form, sign a liability release, pay, and hope to get one of the remaining shirts while the happy smiling people are already wearing theirs and posing for pictures



Strollers and Accompanied Child Walkers


Young children in strollers and accompanied young walkers are welcome and are really what the event is all about… but (there’s always a “but…”)
As you can see from the photo, strollers and little walkers can present quite an obstacle to those wanting to move faster at the narrow start of the 5K and 10K runs.
We will be asking all those pushing strollers or walking with young kids to start their race behind those participants who may be attempting to win their event or better their times. Thank you.



We love animals, just not on the run course.  The past several years have been dog-free at the Buttercup, and potentially serious problems of earlier years have been avoided. Multiply a leashed or under-command dog by 10 or more and encounters with each other and with children occur. We are a family event, and want everyone to feel comfortable and safe.
The policy of no dogs continues. Thank you for understanding.



Bathrooms are available inside of the high school front doors and on the sides of the brown building at the finish line
(see arrow).
Plan ahead, and please don’t be looking for bushes on the course, there are no porta-potties on the course.



Pre-announced schedules will be followed as closely as possible.
With an ever increasing number of participants, the late registration process can slow significantly and the starts can be delayed.
It is difficult, with even the best intentions, to provide speedy late registration to almost 200 or more individuals.

10K walkers go at 10:30 and all others at 11:00.
1/2 Marathon starts at 10:00, only runners for this event, course closes at 1:00

This year we are going to do chip timing again (for those of you not familiar with chip timing it has nothing to do with eating potato chips on the course).
In your packet or when you register at late registration you will get a chip to attach to your shoe.  These record your time as you cross the finish line.  And from what we understand, for those of you that keep track, your times will be available almost immediately
Sorry, you have to give the chip back but you will have a very nice bib with your run # on it for a remembrance of your day in Arlee.



Free parking is available in front of the high school and everywhere else in Arlee. Grassy areas are restricted to feet, strollers, wheelchairs, and tired bodies.



There will be water stations on the courses.
Fruit slices and water will be available at the finish line for participants.
Heartier fare can be obtained at the local merchants in town.



Medals go to the top three finishers in each age group in the 5k, 10k and 1/2 Marathon and medals to the 1st 3 males and females across the finish line in the fun mile.
Young finishers of the fun mile receive a unique participant’s medal.
When most have finished (or dropped on the way), there will be a drawing for prizes.

You’ll have to be there to win.



If you are concerned about health issues, you probably shouldn’t participate.
The Arlee Volunteer Fire Department will be available for emergency response.

In two decades of the run few have had difficulty finishing any of the events, but vehicles sweep the course for those who want a ride or seem in trouble. A cheerful wave will signal you’re okay. If you’re down and no movement is visible, someone will stop and check on you.

Course on all distances closes at 1:00, if you’re not finished we’ll give you a free ride to the finish line…


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It’s spring in Montana, enough said.


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We couldn’t put on this run without all of our volunteers.  If you have enough breath as you run on walk by give a shout out to them.

We can always use more volunteers.  Contact us at arl3335@blackfoot.net and we will find a job for you.


2 thoughts on “Race Day Details

  1. I am very interested in participating in your half marathon in 2017. I am a race walker. I have participated in 5 half marathons, since Sept of 2015. My best time is 2:33:50. Your info says, “runners only”. I promise I can complete the course before it closes. I would really appreciate a detailed map of the course, along with water and snack stations locations. Any info you can get to me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Becky Wagner

    1. Hi Becky
      We just set the run date, this year it is Saturday, April 15.
      We usually discourage walkers for the 1/2 marathon because of timing. The race starts at 10 a.m. and we close off timing at 1:00 so if you can make in that time frame you are welcome to register for the run.
      Just so you know we don’t have course monitors to judge the racewalking.
      All of the distances start and finish at Arlee High School. There is a map on the website but I know it’s pretty hard to make out, I will see if I can get a detailed map that will show you the aid stations.
      Registration isn’t open yet, I am just getting the website updated and need a bit more time before we are ready. Let me know if there is anything else you need.


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